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it's all over.   
12:12am 18/08/2004
mood: nostalgic
Yup. That's right. I've had this LJ for a year minus five days.

So I'm done.

This year.

Thanks to the friends who made it possible... and if you didn't, thanks for making me appreciate the friends that did.

I can only hope that next year is half as good, and that I'm just as lucky.

Think about it. I'll be in another state in just a year... going to COLLEGE... getting ready to start a life of my own.
That's terrifying.

Last year... I had just gone to see Brandon at Berkley (HELLO foreshadowing)... I didn't have half the friends I do... I can't believe all you can fit into a year. Whoa.

I'm going to make my new one friends only at some point. So if I want you to read it, I'll add you. Add me back, it's all good. Don't, then don't expect to read my journal... I'm kickin' your butt off. :)

Bye prezalicious. You were quite the website.
5| never will forget those nights
friends only   
09:04pm 19/03/2004
4| never will forget those nights
my to-do list   
07:02pm 06/10/2003
mood: determined
or, what i must re-install on my computer.

- microsoft works
- microsoft clip art gallery
- picture it publishing
- character map
- dozens of fonts [i think they come with pip]
- my folder for school [yeah that's gone forever. damn it.]

you really take stuff for granted, i guess. at least i know i can survive without a computer. :)
never will forget those nights